Free Training & Classes


 Shreeji does home Training, Teaching & Chanting. The sessions are 1 hour long. Shreeji is located in Toronto, Canada. These session are Free.

  • The Era of  Truth & Service
  • Understanding “How to Live Life”
  • 3 C’s of Success
  • Creating Focus and Remaining in Present
  • Peace Chanting
  • Healing & Energy Chanting

Shreeji will do half day and full day training for Corporation for Team Building, Corporate Governance to improve employee wellness, thought process and balance between work, familiy and personal growth.

Shreeji specializes in Change and Project management. Based on this Shreeji provides effective cost saving to the Corporation by Decum Process.

Please send us e-mail with your request at Era of Truth & Service

There is 90 day training on “How to Live Life” that is available to 1st Net Group Members. Please go to the Membership Tab or click here for the Details.

Shreeji will travel to any part of the World provided the host or hosts make travel and living accommodation arrangement.