Shreeji’s Message


August 20, 2012


“I the life forces” on this earth in Human form,

I bow to you all.

I am inviting you on my journey. I will not be giving references to influence you by giving you names of well known research communities, authors or Universities or bodies. I will mention countries where I found the information.

My purpose is to make you aware of the information and verify for yourself. By this it will create a thought process which will bring awareness in each of you.

I ask is that this is my calling and respect for what it is.

My prayer to you is to help to make improvements in making “This World a Better Place”, improve on “World Happiness Index” and provide positive help. Together we can enhance the Peace on this earth.

My physical form name is Shreeji Arun. I have a calling from the Universe for awakening “the Life Force” in Humans to the “Era of Truth & Service”.

“I the life force” is the energy of “Peace and Consciousness”.

Since my childhood I had this question with me. “How do we create peace”

Here is my understanding as I started my journey few years back.

I started to study different book of knowledge. (Most people call it scripture). I was looking for scientific proof on what I was reading in these books of knowledge. The Science was busy searching for the answers from their knowledge of laboratory experiments. The Theology was busy preaching.

Then one day met a person who was comparing the theology with today’s scientific knowledge. He was showing timeline when theology was rejected and today the same theology has scientific proof that is Universal Rule and proven.

This person said, “What we need to do is to take the theology and do scientific research on it.

I started searching to see if any of this was being done. I found number of scientific community looking into theology and comparing with the present technology to verify the information. I found our technology needs lot more development. Our today’s technology is starting to verify some of the information that was disputed up to now as being philosophical but had no scientific grounds.

As I searched for scientific information, as I woke up in the morning, I had information downloads that would point me to what to look for.

This information download when I searched took me directly to the present day scientific proof of what the information was saying in these old knowledge books.

This took me on a journey to look at different languages. My searches lead me to the Sanskrit Language that I found well develop with scientific names and theories that made sense.

Sanskrit is known to be 6000 plus years old.

Then one day, I came across the explanation on matter. The next morning I had this information download:

Each atom is made of electrical and magnetic forces. Based on the way they combine into molecule we get structure.

Oxygen, we cannot see but exists. Without oxygen, all of us will perish. We do except oxygen as part of our “Life Force” although we do not see, touch or smell.

On other hand material around us gets a denser structure and when light reflects off it we see the structure and same with our Human form.

The knowledge showed me that all of us and material around us we attach ourselves with are in simplest form energies of electrical and magnetic nature. They are frequencies vibrating at different energies and levels.

Further it gave me understanding that each organ in our body has its own frequency. Every action and reaction is based on the frequencies that are produced.

I searched for scientific proof and I was very thankful that our scientists have known about organ and body have frequencies for more than a century. I found research on how certain frequencies affect our brain pattern, our physical form healing and so on. I found in some Sanskrit scriptures call Veda’s similar explanations but much more details that our scientist are just discovering, like endocrine system functions, DNA can be reprogrammed, etc.

My attention was drawn to this simple fact about frequencies. As I went back into Sanskrit written information going back to over 6,000 years (suggestion is it could be over 12,000 to 36,000 years old), I decided to learn Sanskrit language and find translations. The learning of alphabet was to understand the pronunciation of the words. Any word we say is frequencies put together. I wanted to ensure that whatever this path took me to; I can at least be able to pronounce the words correctly.

The meaning of words came from translations and asking people who were knowledgeable in Sanskrit language.

Then I came across a research done by USA scientific community. They measured change by measure energy created by chanting certain words and having that thought.

It is a measurable energy with today’s technology.

They saw the change in level of positive or negative energy with this equipment. When the thought and words were positive the indicator remains positive and increase in levels.

When the words were negative the indicator went below the neutral point and continued to go negative as the energy increased.

Then I decided to study the verses that explained the effect on environment and human form and the life force in the human form.

As I chanted peace words, I started to see a shift in my Life Force, my awareness, my thought process and even the surrounding. Some people who got agitated very easily were calmer.

I decided to take it step further to people who were searching in the same manner to become peaceful.

They started to practice in the area of their need to correct in their life. If someone was not sleeping well, with practice of some of these verses and the energy created by my Life Force guiding them, they started to sleep well by just saying “Time to go to sleep”

I am not here to prove or edify myself or profess to tell you I have special powers. I am just an ordinary person like you. I do not have any special powers.

I observed that as the person used these positive words several times each day, their brain pattern started to change.

This brings me to the present time.

Our world is going through calamity after calamity like wars zones in Middle East, no internal peace whether you have all the wealth or none. Having constant struggle with interaction with each other and living life.

As a result of my search and understanding I chose Sanskrit as a common language and the verses that date back at least 6000 years to create the same frequency vibration.

The second aim is that we use one common language to create a strong vibration of these frequencies.

Third, we have all heard of the word Aum (Om). Searching information on Aum, this is an energy word. It is a sound that starts in your navel area that travels through your chest, through your throat, through your nasal path, into your mouth and ends up with closing of Lips.

I came across descriptions that compare Aum to our Breathe and how we breath. If you breathe correctly you inhale into your abdomen area and exhale. This practice has been scientifically proven to improve your health. Chanting Aum with correct breathing clears mind and improves health. This is well documented.

Each planet has a sound that has been recorded. The sound of the Sun is close or some say same as Aum.

In one of the scriptures I read that our body is a small version of universe. Each planet impacts our physical and mental status by its energy. Science is starting to prove some of the information as facts. Moon is a good example of how it impacts our body.

Based on this impact of Aum that I personally experienced I have accepted its use. It helps create a breathing technique; it clears the mind when said.

My understanding is based on scientific reasoning that either exists or reasoning that makes sense in some of the old Sanskrit writings or personal experience.

One morning I had this down load.

Start with Peace words for everything around you. You have been saying it each morning all your life.

Just do it.

That was last week. As of Monday August 20th 2012, I plan to sit in holly places that will allow me to chant the words each morning and evening for few hours. Since than I am now chanting peace words on Internet every hour for 10 minutes. Here is the link to one of my broadcast. Book mark the page and join us.

If you wish me to come and chant at your home, workplace or gathering please send me the request at I also do Energy/Healing chanting. If you are going through personal difficulties in any form I will be glad to chant special words in your home.

Please join me to chant the Peace words anytime of the day by repeating 3 times or more. I will be on FaceBook ( announcing my Locations. I welcome you to join me in chanting of these words to create the vibration around the world.

It would be a great honor to have this chanted 24 hours a day. Please send me e-mail at with your location and time you will do. We will publish your name and location or your location only as per your wish.

My vision has shown that Peace words chanted around the world continuously will make this earth and universe more peaceful.

I personally will do this each day morning and evening.

Times and Locations will be posted on my FaceBook.

If you are in the area, please join me so we can chant the Peace words together and increase the energy in the location.

Thank you for taking time,

You are blessed, live in this blessing,

Shreeji Arun.