1st Net Peace Program


This Program was started in 2012. As of October 31, 2014 over 30,000 visitors come to Shreeji Arun’s different sessions on line in Canada & USA and other parts of the world who have listen for few seconds to the whole sessions. Shreeji Arun is grateful.
Our aim is to chant the Peace and Energy Words 24 hours a day. If you would like to volunteer please emails us at peace@1stnetgoup.com.

If you can write the Sanskrit pronunciation in your Mother Tongue or another language please send it to peace@1stnetgroup.com. We appreciate your input and we will credit you with your name under the translation


Shreeji Arun’s Update:

 You can meet Shreeji Arun on Google Hangout each Monday night and Learn the Daily Practice.
To attend an Upcoming Session or event, click on the session you wish to join. Please log in 5 minutes before we start. We start on time.


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Energize Your Energy – January 26, 2015

 Where to Find Us:

Every Monday – “The Practice” on Google Hangout at 7:00 PM EST

Broadcast on Monday, 9th February is cancelled. Please go to previous sesson and practice as you do not miss the Regular Practice.

To join Shreeji Arun on Google Hangout to Learn “The Practice” and Personal Growth please click on Google+ below      




 Walkerton, Ontario

 We meet at “U” salon@spa on 329 McNab Street in Walkerton on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each Month.


Karen Mitchell is the owner of “U” and also been hosting the session for more than a year in Walkerton. Karen was the first person who invited Shreeji Arun to do a session at her place in 2013 and has never looked back at the personal growth and changes in life. Karen had her business running from home. The transformation and changes that happens with “The Practice” are bite size but permanent.


Get Informed & Do your learning and Research:

 Below are explanation on the Chanting Shreeji Arun has been doing and his understanding of the principles behind the sound vibration and how it relates to science and technology. Shreeji Arun says, “if you want to discover the truth and understanding of Old scriptures, look at all the new discoveries of last few years in Bio Technology, Quantum Physic, Bio Electro-Magnetism, water crystallization theories and much more.

 Training Shreeji_Message Peace_Vibration

Frequency_Vibration AumHealing_Energy



Launched in 2009

The language used is Sanskrit which is the ancient language from India and Lot of teaching in Western World like Yoga are based on this knowledge.
It is like Latin, French or any other Language
  • ‘Aum Shanti Prutvi —– Peace On Earth’
  • ‘Aum Shanti Manushia—Peace In Human’
  • ‘AUM Shanti – Peace in Body, Mind & Speech’
If you wish join us for Peace On Earth Movement. Please e-mail us at peace@1stnetgroup.com

January 2012

The Era of Truth & Service
As of December 2009 I had been going through personal changes and vision of change. At first I did not understand and was confused but at the same time I found myself feeling in alignment with my heart, my soul, the Universe and a calling I had all my life.
Since the beginning of December 2011 I have been given the understanding by the Universe. The Earth will move toward “The Era of Truth & Service“.
Please follow me on FaceBook of My journey to Spreading the Understanding of this new Era.
I have been instructed to travel and Visits Homes, Places of Worship and anyone who invites me to listen to the Universe and would like to make a personal change “To Make This World a Better Place”

All the Session are Free.

As I travel, I have been told that People will open their Homes for me to stay for a night or two. If you invite me to stay at your home please arrange to have your neighbours, family and friends come and listen to The Era of Truth & Service so we can part this knowledge to them.
I will do one hour session any time of the day. The last session will be starting at 8:00PM.

How to Give


This comes from Sanskrit
Dakshina is typically used to mean an offering.
Daksha” means “capable”
Dakshina means what is given out of one’s capability and willingness.
You are taking your part to “Make a Difference In this World”
  • I am gratefully to you for Dakshina
  • If you wish to help you can do it in different ways.
    • Printing of the flyers to distribute
    • Help organise a session in your area
    • Send us e-mail to peace@1stnetgroup.com with your Dakshina
  • Organise a session in your home with neighbours, friends & family
  • All donated funds will go to Free Training and Teaching of this Knowledge
  • 100% will go towards spreading the knowledge

Universe and

I thank you

Shreeji Arun

Donations are welcomed.