Become Part of 1st Net Group and participate in all activities. There is 90 day training that takes teaches you How to Live Life Peacefully. The training includes daily activities that become part of your routine. Our training does not change the way you live now. It will enhance the quality of life.

The training looks at all aspects of your life including financial and creating residual income over a period of time.

If you have financial capability, 1st Net Group has several projects that are launched and as the investment possibility come up you will have the chance to invest. All projects have been vetted and risk is managed. We will tell you upfront what the risks are. Just like any business or buying shares on the stock exchange it carries certain risk that cannot be predicted due to Market and Economical Situation of the place, country or the world.

1st Net Group calls its Member Affiliated Associate Consultant.

Our approach to life is simple.


“We treat it like a Project and work towards the Goals Set”