1st Net Loyalty Program

If you are serious about making a change in your life, read to the end and take action.

1st Net Loyalty Program is simple yet fair. It is like several loyalty programs on the market giving you cash-back to air-miles to points that you use to get different products and services.

We have created a cash earning program that makes money based on the services you take from 1st Net Group and affiliate companies.

We track your loyalty to our services, your education, your involvement in training as you become a trainer, or Marketer or you can build a business based on our processes.

With our Philosophy of “Building Backyard Economy” in which you would help us or participate by following our first 90 days program and then continuing to reach a cash-flow from Loyalty Program to pay all your bills and daily needs.

Is this possible?

If you ever got involved in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Marketing or Internet Marketing you will realize the possibility of generating good or even huge revenue.

The difficulty with these program is that it needs constant recruiting, marketing and new clients as the retention of people in these program is very low. Only 3 to 4 percent of the top people make money with huge success.

All these concepts are very good. The formula if properly used will work. The motto is “If you help other people fulfill their needs and make them successful than you will be successful” is correct but not possible to execute due to our frame of mind and teaching and awareness. The fact is is you help others you will have to sacrifice your own success initially.

The other fact is you cannot help people…. they need to be aware that they need to do or take action. Unless they take action with your guidance it will not work.

Furthermore, the challenge is that the hype created makes people join these “businesses” thinking they can do it. Our basic nature is to be Lazy. In few weeks you would have talked to all your family, friends and associates. You would have attended many meetings. The result would be that you are burned out. You wonder how can you build a solid business.

The answer lies in the fact that the People who are making money and showing you big cheques are not there to help you. They are there to tap into your warm market. They may hit one or two people who are good recruiters (this is a skill). They are there at the beginning of the business and they know the game of numbers and that is their only focus. Number of People recruited equals to Dollars they generate each month.

Do you ever hear in details Cost of Doing Business?

One factor that is missing that they do not tell you is the cost of doing business and generating the huge income they show you. They don’t tell you who pays for their travel, hotels, food etc. What it costs them to keep the image of success going. The evening and week-ends they spend away from their family… the meeting with the company etc. They don’t tell you what it cost on monthly bases  to maintain the position in MLM or Direct Marketing company or the marketing dollars they spend.

If they are Internet marketers they do not tell you how much money they spend on Marketing, buying advertising space nor how many campaigns fail or lost money before they hit one good one.

With e-products it is the same scenario. The successful few continue to sell you a system that is so basic for few dollars and once you are hooked they up-sell you over and over.

Have you ever questioned how come they are constantly pushing new products if they are millionaires. Why are they pushing each other products systematically.

The matrix they use for MLM or affiliate marketing or just finding product and selling online (creating list) is not a simple task. It takes time, there is a learning curve, then investment into products, system setup and then if you remain persistent you may start to generate some revenue.

Most of us do not budget our money and time to be successful. 75%  of the population has no training of being in Business. Between 75% to 80% of people have had higher education or Skill training.

The cream of the crop is last 10% (90% to 100%). No matter what they touch will bring them a very comfortable revenue and living. They have the education, they have put in the time and have found the industry they can excel at.

Just become aware of yourself, your limitation, your lack of planning and your inability to understand the learning and personal training requirements and commitment of time. There is no quick money making scheme and it takes hard work, some money, long time commitment and time.

So before you get into any kind of revenue (Money Making) generating idea or business you must budget to first Educate yourself, then budget the funds to sustain yourself and then take bite size planned approach to reaching your goal that can be in 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 year. You must do that planning before you jump into any kind of money making skim.

Most of us work so we get paid based on our skill and time we give. The people who pay you are your top 10% of the population who have understood the process and time commitment to reach that stage.

If you really want to have comfortable living, meet your bills you need to start a process now. You will have to make time and money commitment. You will need to have the Grand Plan drawn up for your life time or your working time left and see based on today what you generate and how you can increase that at a steady pace.

Can you find a way to increase revenue?

You are at the right place if you have read this far.

At 1st Net Group we have created a process that we use ourselves. It makes bite size changes in your life so it does not become over whelming. First 90 days takes you to creating awareness, some daily practices and begin generating small amount of residual income with the Loyalty Program.

We are lazy in our Nature and we resist changes. If you sincerely put the daily practice in your life, you will have better health. We say if you are healthy, you can do more.

So be prepared to put little bit of money ($25.00 per month) into your education, set some time on daily bases to educate yourself (Like going to school) and a budget of about $250.00 for material and setup of your loyalty Program.

First step is to show you and teach you how to generate more than what you spend each month as you grow your Loyalty Program.

Most important is “The Practice”

It is integrated into your daily life so you do not need to commit 1 or 2 hours daily like if you want to be fit you need to go to Gym with money and personal commitment to go to the Gym. If you are going to Gym now than you are already ahead of most people. You have the will to make commitment.

If this interest you, please go to member’s page and fill out the form.

To experience, kick the tire or to just learn and bring awarenss to yourself, join us on Google+ Hangout on Monday for “The Practice” and understanding awareness and becoming aware. Come to Walkerton on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month to experience the live session.

If you can get together few people at your home, Shreeji Arun will come and do one session including “The Practice” Send email  to peace@1stnetgroup.com.