1st Net Legal

The idea is to take the stress out of your legal needs. It is difficult to figure out who you should go to for legal advice. What is it going to cost? It can be a simple matter of Traffic Tickets, Landlord-Tenant disputes, small claims, immigration to Canada or Criminal & Civil Lawsuits.

You come to us with your story and we listen, get you organized.

Second step is to find the Lawyer who practices in the area of your needs and setup meeting.

The atmosphere is not stressful, confidentiality is maintained and you get one stop Management Services.


We have build relationships with legal firms and lawyers. Under our Ally Legal Council Inc. we have a Management process for your legal needs. You come to us and we go over your needs and requirements. We take that to the Legal Firm and the lawyer who can provide you the service. We would interface to work out the fees on your behalf.


For immigration, we manage your needs through Building Blocks Migration Solutions Inc. (BBMS Inc.). We have relationship with Immigration Lawyers and retired Immigration Judge. We will bring your history together. We would find the best possible legal representation and setup meeting with you for you to decide. We would negotiate the fees on your behalf so you know before you meet the Lawyer of possible costs involved.

Our services are to create a management of your needs and guide you with the process.

There is no Fee for initial meeting (30 minutes).