Investment Opportunity from Botanalife Inc. 

Ø Double Your Money with 5000 sales

Ø 4 Investor share 3% from gross sales after 5000 Sales

Ø Projected sales over  is over 40,000

Ø Total revenue at 40,000 sales = $21,000.00


  • 1st Net Group develops projects that present small Investors opportunity to double their money.
  • Plus get an income over a period of time
  • The MindBoost has been in development over 18 months.
  • Botanalife is offering a very lucrative investment opportunity to share in the Profits of MindBoost.
  • You can invest any amount up to $20,000.00.
  • Once we reach $20,000.00 we the offering will end.

 There are three options to participate.

Investment: You can invest based on your capability.

  • $5000.00
  • $1000.00
  • $100.00

Your Funds are Secured By:                                                  

  • The Invetory in the Warehouse: 1000 units
  • Suggested Reatail Price: $59.95
  • Special Offer Buy one and get one Free: $39.95
  • Total Value of Inventory; $19,995.00 

Marketing Channels


The Product has been launched in USA.

  1. Internet Marketing using Affiliates and direct e-mail
  2. Health stores
  3. 1 minute Television commercials to 40 Million viewers Scheduled in Sept 2012.
    1. 1-minute infomercial done:
  4. 3-minute commercials on Latino Channels to 23 million viewers.
    1. Commercial is being Shot and Produced

 MindBoost forecast:

  1. Our market Research shows a potential of 500,000 orders.
  2. Reorder for at least 3 Months from 50% of the purchasers
  3. Reorders from Reorders is expected 50% of the reorder purchaser.
  4. Long Term Retention is expected up to 18 months. At 10% of all the orders sold.  How do we estimate minimum of 5000 orders
  5. We are promoting to 40 Million Homes via TV Commercials 5000 times in 3 Months.
    1. At 0.01% sales the volume will be 4,000.
    2. At 0.1% sales of 40,000
    3. At 1% sales of 400,000
  6. Latino Channels on same assumption will produce 2,300 Sales at 0.01%
  7. 14,000 plus Health Retail Stores in USA.
    1. 10% stores stock MindBoost. That is 1400 stores.Each store will purchase 12 units. The total amount sold will be just over 16,000 units.
    2. With special of buy one get one free, our sales volume will be 8,000 orders.
  8. Our research shows that marketing to 100 million double opted e-mail addresses will produce at 0.01% will produce 10,000 Units.

The risk factor


You decide! Any one of the 3 marketing channels will produce 5000 orders.

Send us e-mail and we will send you the payment instruction and contract. 
Please contact the person who gave you this information