1st Net Investment Projects

 Investment Opportunities

1st Net Group is involved in several project doing project management or developing a business with individual or companies since July 2011.

If you are interested in learning more about investing in any of the projects or are able to bring investment to the project please send e-mail to investor@1stnetgroup.com with your information, your interest and your financial capability.

1st Net Group is looking for funding in the following:

BotanaLife Inc:

The product MindBoost has been developed and testing has been done for One year. The product was distributed to friends and family and a small marketing in USA. We plan to launch the product in 2nd or 3rd Quarter of 2015.

We are looking for $30,000.00 funding to manufacture and market the product through TV Commercial.

We will return your investment as we sell the product. The target is 3000 Units to return you investment. We will then give you 5% royalties on each unit sold to a maximum of $30,000.00 for funding this project.

1st Net Realty  (For investment on any of the items below email to investor@1stnetgroup.com )

We have land in Cambridge that is being developed. We have approval to severe into two lots. We are in process of looking for construction funding of $400,000.00 plus removing the present mortgage of $215,000.00. We anticipate to sell each home for $495,000.00

In Downtown Cambridge that we are negotiating to put a 4 story commercial building. We have first option to purchase it or acquire it by offering partnership with the present owner.

We will be launching Real Estate & Mortgage Brokerage in 3rd Quarter of 2014. Negotiation are nearly completed and will be announced with the first office location soon.

As of January 2nd we have Marketing & Management relationship with CENTUM Smart Mortgages Inc. If you are looking for a mortgage, we will help you reorganize your finances through our membership training and manage your application on your behalf. Let us run around for you.

If you have an Independent Mortgage Brokerage or have Mortgage Brokerage License and would like to build a relationship with us please email us at investor@1stnetgroup.com

If you are Real Estate Broker or have Broker License and would like to build a relationship with us please email us at investor@1stnetgroup.com