1st Net Introduction


First go to Peace Program and join us for few sessions. It is important as all our teaching are based on, first, the Personal Internal Growth. Without this growth, you will continue to run from one activity to another right through the day.

You remain in control of the activites that are set in place, you are not in control of your activities, you do not have quiteness of mind. you do not have control of your finances and the list goes on.

The 90 day course is very important. The practices taught are from Arun Mistry’s personal experience and doing them. Arun’s says “Without proper practices, understanding of self and starting this journey like I did from December 2006 and if I had someone teach me what I practice today, it would have been a blessing. I had to find out by trying each and every practice, try the practices, listening to Guru’s, enlightened people and leaders of today who teach self realization through all different practices.

Arun’s background is in Science and Technolgy. He researches the science behind any practice to undersand the principle behind it from today’s knowledge. If the science or technology does not exist then he looks at it to see if it makes common sense and tries the practice himself. Some of the people who now follow this teaching also participate in it and give feedback on what their experiences are and if they adjusted the practice in anyway to fit them.

As we work together and learn together we can teach each other and find custom tailered approach for ourselves. Let us learn from each other.

Arun’s often says, “I am not a guru of any kind, all I want is you to learn and do the practice. If you find it works, then go and teach one person. This is my blessing”