1st Net Centre


1st Net Group brings a new meaning to A New World of Social Media and Advertising Power you need to share only with your family and friends or get your own site noticed or sell a product in your local area or you are a business that needs exposure in the area.

1st Net Group has created a concept of “Fast Forwarding to Past” were people in a village or town had local produce and services that people bought. This created local economy, local jobs and community involvement.

Using cyber technogy birth of cyber Village that can be part of a big town or city. With Mobile technolgy and internet one can find all the deal, product and services they need for their area.

Local business can register themselves and start building client list. They can then send special offers, new seasonal items and coupons to their list and also have web presence.

This is under test and will be launched in 3rd Quater of 2014. This is a buiness that a person can run in their area and generate full time revenue.

You need to first become an Affliate Associate of 1st Net Group, do 90 days training before you start on this training and developing the business. It does require financial commitment. We can help you finance the business if you are the right candidate. It is like any other Job or Starting a business. Do you have the right Qualifications or experience or ability to run this business.