Where did 2015 go?

AUM Namostute all,

Speaking with few of you, each one was asking What are you doing? or What have you been doing.

Let me start with my first news letter and I will publish one each month so all of you remain in happenings.

If anyone of you want to put a line or two or give me news about something you want us all to know please send me email. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some good news about you as well.

I will appreciate if you go and fill out the info on Members Page so that I have permission to send you news each month. It is the Law now. Help me fulfill this requirement. I will not spam you and you can unscribe at any time as I will include the link for it. It automates the process.

It has been a while since I did the speaking on “The Era of Truth & Service” on line. Some of you have be gracious in inviting me to speak, some of you have had one on one session with me and let us not forget the sharing of cooking, cleaning and dinner. Stopping your car, coming and greeting me are the few instances of my memory of each of you.

I feel blessed for you being in my life and I am grateful for your inputs, hugs and listening to me. My journey has continued and this year, I focused on providing my Project & Change management abilities (35 years in the Telecom industry) to small businesses 3 days a week. The week-ends were filled with providing service from Gardening, building deck, Basement Renovation, pond cleaning, house cleaning and repairs inside and outside the house of people who are challenged due to age, health and financial challenges.

With Karen Mitchell commitment and dedication in Walkerton, Ontario, every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, we continued to do “The Practice”, live Discussion on “How to Live Life” and how to manage daily challenges in Walkerton. Karen Mitchell has been instrumental to keep this going. Good news is that Karen took a leap of faith and has opened a Centre  “…U… Saloon@day spa” in Walkerton. If you can be there in Downtown Walkerton on 20th November, 2014, they have all stores open till midnight.

She will be there. It is opposite the Beer Store. You cannot miss it. Surprise her and support her. She is adding quite a few modalities in her place.

Yes, Kerstin & Phillip got Married. Congratulations to you both.


We started to revamp the website and anticipate to be fully updated on our new server. I hope that you would take advantage of Domain name registration & Web development services through our 1st Net Web. Go to http://1stnetweb.com to check it out. We have developed a template that is easy to use or we will be able to do the site for you. We have Tetapose, a company in Surat, India partner with us. We will be able to provide full service starting January 2015.

There are several other projects that I am involved in that I will announce in January 2015. This is the second year for “The Bruce Food Botanical Garden” http://www.bbfg.org in Ripley. It is a real success. Lynn Taylor’s dedication and hard work made this happen. She also introduced the Ripley Apple tree this year. Please go to the website to learn a bit more. I am hoping some of you will go and Volunteer next summer. The benefit is you take home free produce (Organic) and learn about how to grow in your own garden/planters in your own home.


Shreeji Arun