5th Anniversary News letter

       With 5th Anniversary, we are proud to announce acquisition of two properties

International Faith Fellowship Centre

Cargill Retreat Centre

My journey started on December 21, 2006. I woke up this morning with information that seem to be “downloaded”. I come from technology and this is the term I use. Looking at scriptures in different faith, it may be called Lord Speaking to you, Spiritual information as gift or whatever it is, I found myself questioning the information and was overwhelmed to a point of being scared… what if this if real and there is science & technology in all the scriptures that all different faith follows.

That is when I decided to test the information. As I did the research, I found that there is in fact science and technology in those scriptures and if our science & technology did not explain it, by following reasoning it felt to have some merit.

As I got deeper into this knowledge, our science & technology was breaking new grounds. Higgs Boson  or Higgs Particle was found at Cern, our body is  space, electrical and vibrational. No real mass as per Higgs Particle discovery. we posses Bio-Electrical Systems in our bodies, we produce magnesium, our each and every organs have their own frequencies, our healthy body has its own average frequency around 74 Hz, our plant has its own frequency of 7.8 Hz, our brains has Delta, Gama and Theta waves depending on the state of our relaxation and the list goes on.

1st Net Group Inc. was Born on June 27, 2010 due to 2 people in my life who kept on saying that I should put my knowledge of Business, Project & Change Management and understanding of working with full heart in your job. With lot of discussions, I agreed to build a system for work, developing business & creating from past knowledge in recreating a awareness of building locally economy, self reliance and coming together of neighborhoods. My condition with both people was that they will at some point also follow “The Practice” as it develops. Both will manage the Business Process Setup under 1st Net Group.

The two people are Chris Campbell who one day came and told he is going to incorporate a company for me. He will even pay for it. On the same day I was talking to Kiran (my son) and he said “Dad it would such a loss if you do not pass your knowledge, understanding, abilities and know how to us the new generation and generations to come. You have a rare ability your heart always in right place and right intentions although sometimes it does not meet expectations of others.

I did lot of internal searching, I went back when two of my dearest friends Doug Moore and Lorne Lawlor (Both are in Haven) who actually were my partners when we started this process. Doug called it that everything need to live in symbiosis like Amoeba does and build this structure in each and every neighborhood. Lorne was very good at fixing anything and writing scripts and small programs using excel and database. I had a vision of how we can financially make it possible and introduce both to the concept of 1st Net Group idea. Use the best practices of business, show people of higher cause than themselves, and use Multilevel Marketing or Direct Marketing concepts to share the wealth so each and every family has food on table and roof over their head. That was 1999 and in 2000 both were called back home by the Lord. They both has told me to never give up on this idea and concept even in my life time I could make a difference in one neighborhood.

Since then I have had so many people listen to the idea and concept and few have always made comments “What is happening to that idea “1st Net Group”

My gratitude to all of you for keeping the concept alive. It is impossible to mention all of you but I want to show my gratefulness to Cecile Soucie for believing in me and supporting me each time I tried to launch, she was always ready to sign up as member. She has been a great friend and been there for me when I needed support and help. Even today, I am part of their family and Reg (Cecile’s Husband) and Cecile have become part of my Journey.

The second person who has stuck with me is Yogi Jain who is a thinker. He has attended all my launches since we met in 2006 if I recall right and I value Yogi’s inputs. He today continues to guide me with his personal thoughts and understanding of Marketing as well as punching holes into my thought process. I enjoy his way of putting prospective in different ways.

I have students who came into my life as my real learning started when I started to speak & teach. I feel blessed by these students as they showed their faith in my words and teachings. Since 2012 there have been many of you who listened to my speaking and attended my session in Port Elgin, Walkerton & Winchester (USA) and on internet webinars. Since I started speaking and teaching “The Practice” I share with you there has been over 40,000 clicks on the website and lot of calls on one to one basis and invitations for Peace Chanting at hospital for the loved once who were departing and homes for having peace in their home to Energy Chanting for those who were sick or Hurt. Handful of you have stuck around and listen to me for the teaching.

Soheila Zakeri in Winchester blessed me by accepting me as her teacher where my journey of teaching “The Practice” and Speaking started.

When I arrived in Port Elgin, Karen Mitchell met me at Kins meeting and right away she said when can you come down by inviting me at her home and inviting people to come and learn “The Practice” Today we do 2 session a month at her new Business “U Saloon & Spa”.

Marlene McFarlane (Keni her real German name) took me for long walks introducing to the trails of Bruce County and listen to me at the same time letting me chat energy chants while she was recuperating from a crushed shoulder.

I have said that please do not just follow me, if what I speak and teach you and if it makes difference in your life please teach others and that would be the best following you would do. Such a blessing as I hear Marlene using “The Practice” for teaching her student in teaching Meditation on one to one and groups.

My learning and understanding of “The Practice” just did not start in 2006. Life long learning started with my Parents teaching, learning from my siblings and friends, living a full life, married for 35 years to Bobbie (Bhagwati) who gave me two children Bhavu (Bhavneeta) and Kiran as well as her family and second sets of parents. My two children and their journey continues to teach me all the time. I treasure such teaching of life as they provide life value that I can feel, understand and have gone through so I can relate to each of you when I speak and give examples from my personal experience.

The journey has just begun and with Peter Soucie’s blessing we will have a retreat centre and a Prayer House. Peter is Cecile’s son. I met him 15 years ago but our journey started just 3 months ago when he was going through personal changes and moving on to the next stage of his life. Peter is a big Giant with tenderness and understanding that is very special. Lord has blessed me by bringing him in my life recently.

1st Net Group corporate Headquarters will be in Cargill with our first Retreat Centre that sits on the banks of Tees Water River. A place to stroll with a part across the road and pond you can walk to in few minutes.

The Prayer House as I call it is going to be in Bruce Township just south of Port Elgin. It will be a place any person can come too. This will be first of it kind. International Faith Fellowship

Come and experience different faiths, practices and cultures as we host events and prayers time. You can just come to your faith prayer time or any time to just and enjoy the atmosphere of this 1.3 acre place with main floor dedicated to praying area with  3 small ponds and trees around it. It has its own tranquility developed by previous owner and we felt the blessing and invitation to be there as we entered the place on our first visit to see the place.

Come down as we put the place together. If you have time to help please let us know. We all have skills and if not in a particular area we can learn from each other. Your time will be the Blessing to all you will visit in the future to come.

We have put a special ceremony to Bless Cargill Retreat Centre on Wednesday, 23 January 2015 at 7:00 pm. Please join us.

Cargill Retreat Centre

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Universal Faith Fellowship Centre

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