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Shreeji Arun say:

Everything Begins with Education, Learning and Teaching to Learn with a loving heart. Let us take action and remain in action with love in our heart to make a difference in our self. The change happens by adding Bite Size action to the new concepts.
Trying to Change old habits. giving up some things or action to change is an exercise in futility. How can you change what is hard coded in your brain and cannot be erased?
Learn new habits and actions.
Let us come together to learn from each other and practice together to enhance this concept to create quietness in ourselves hence together creating peace. “The Practice” & “The Era of Truth and Service” will take us there.
Start by Becoming 1st Net Group Affiliated Associate Consultant
On April 1, 2015 we are launching our Affiliated Associate Consultant (AIC) Program. You can join us in two ways.
1. The Peace Program (launched September 17, 2012) You can join us on Web and live session for free. Go to Peace Program for more details
2. The Affiliated Independent Consultant (AIC)
a. 90 day program includes Peace Program
b.Please visit our Peace Program. This is going to be a requisite to make the “Difference In the World”
c.Self awareness through thought process is one of the ingredients of this program for success.
3. We have launched several companies and products that we control and manage.
a.See our website in each category.
b.We have 21 such ventures now and more will be added as we create cooperative relationship with companies
The Peace Program:
  • This is a free program for self awareness and self development
  • You can start to learn about yourself and come with us for the journey to “The Era of Truth and Service” through our Peace Program by incorporating simple practices in our daily life through “The Practice”.
  • You listen, question and learn at the same time provide us with feedback, contribute to teaching and share with us your skills to keep the website up-to-date or any other way we can bring value to our Peace Program
  • This is on Web and you can visit us 6 times a day to Chant for Peace and Energy at the same time
The Affiliated Independent Consultant (AIC)
This is a business based program and we give training step by step to generate revenue.
We start you off by setting up a business building a plan and understanding of how you live at present time
Most of the people go into business with no Business Plan and target.
1st Net Group has developed the business plan that will take you step by step from setting up business.
The basic ingredient of our Plan is Loyalty Base.
Our Software is developed to manage commission so that the people who work hard to develop 1st Net Group Business earn their share.
AIC’s get to share in the profits of each activity
You become loyal to the product and service offered by Affiliated Companies.
1.For each $1 you spend with us we give you 1 Loyalty point.
2.1st Net Group will share 60% of the profits it generates with its AIC
3.AIC will share in Profit Pools of all Affiliate programs and standard business based on their involvement
4.The Leaders will share in 5% of the Profits of 1st Net Group
How much to be AIC?
Look at this as an investment into yourself and not cost. We cannot grow without a teacher who have had life experience and come through school of Hard Knocks. We go to Guru’s (Sanskrit word for Teacher) to learn spirituality. We have Guru’s in our life starting with a child, in Nature & Universe as long as we become aware of our Ego and five (or Six) Senses. We identify or associates our material learning by calling them Teachers and Spirituality by Guru’s and many more titles like life coach etc to identify where our learning is from to justify that we have someone with “The Practice” & Knowledge that has training and certificates reach levels to be called a Trainer, teacher or Guru.
Each of us are teachers or Guru’s of some sort in our life. Let us make “A Difference In This World” as our main Goal and then learning and teach to learn to reach that higher level internally and quietness we are looking for.
At least try 90 Days of Training with loving heart to learn. It is a drop in the ocean of life that may bring awakening in you that is our inheritance that we have lost.
1.You can become Affiliated Independent Consultant by paying $30.00 for 1st month training and committing to 90 Days Training
2.You will pay $30.00 per month for 3 months (Total $90.00)
3.Free VoIP phone number in USA and Canada
b.Free Calls between the AIC of 1st Net Group
c.Pay for usage only for local calls and Long Distance.
d.Very Low Monthly payment.
e.Monthly Fix rates available if using as primary (Home) line
4.Future Jobs as Support Staff for 1st Net Group
5.Download the 1st Net Group Community Toolbar:
a. 1st Net Group tool bar to monetize.
b. Increase your share of revenue by using the Tool Bar
c. The Best of Our Site
d. Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser, No matter where you are on the Web.
e. Powerful Search. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.
f. App Marketplace. Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser.
g. Notifications to Your Desktop. Receive our most important news and announcements instantly.
h. Hand-Picked Links for generating Advertising revenue and Marketing
7.Residual Income Generation
8.Pay it forward Programs
a.In first month we estimate that you will generate $5.00 to $10.00
b.You can give a gift of this 90 days program.
c.You can Learn first and then Teach to learn giving you personal growth
9.1st Net Rewards
a.On line shopping that gives 3% t0 15% cashback and/or free shipping
b.Local personal shopping discounts in your area using 1st Net Reward Card coming soon (Under test in Canada)
10.Sell and earn commission on products and services of all affiliated companies.
11.Opportunity to start business in your area as branch office of the affiliated companies
12.Joint internet marketing for mutual benefit.
a.We get free credits or dollar value for buying advertising as you join some of the programs.
b.If you are to advertise on your own it will not do much good as the amount is too small
c.But if we all use the same link to advertise we will drive traffic that will benefit us all

How does all the marketing program works?

They give you some information and possiblity of making huge money.

They show you bank, or PayPal statments on how much they are making to get you excited

Then they tell you join for free or $1, $7, $27, etc to try the system out with most of the time of return your money back if it is higher amount with 60 days or more guarantee.

You get involved and find you need to invest more money in domain name, hosting and setup etc.

They also told you the money is in the lsit and how easy it is to do that, through clicking some links if you don’t have money, or giving you a list of sites that will sell you the list with everyone claiming to be a most up to dated list and targeted.

You also learn you will need an autoresponder to manage your list. You will need to send several emails as follow-up.

They said you can be earning while sleeping or holidays or very little time. Did you really fall for this?

What is it that they forgot to tell you?

Against the revenue they generate how much they spend for Advertising, paying for the work that need to be done by farming it out, how many campaigns have failed before they hit the jack pot.

The most important items you miss out are

Education into this new field even you are in IT related fields

Time investment to learn all the details, SCO, Ad Words, Getting Google and search engines to know you or your website out of 1000’s out there with the same niche market etc.

Shreeji’s First Statement was learn, educate yourself first and also invest time in developing the skill needed and needs money as we have Financial Social Economic Structure

Hence start with what we are telling you upfront, plan you action, do proper budgeting and time allocation to learning and setup.

One key factor in our training is it brings awareness of what is your ultimate goal, is it about you, your family, your neighbourhood, your Country, this world, how much higher it is than you.
Based  on your present capability and your goal we show you how to work backwards to present day to achieve your goal to meet all the requirements day by day to achieve that goal.
We work with understanding that each dollar you spend, how is it going to come back and a bit more so you can continue to grow internally (Spirituality) and externally (materially) to satisfy you as a whole.
We take advantage of Tax deduction while you set up so that your tax dollars help you in first year or two and then become a contributing member by paying taxes as well when you make profit. You also create jobs/work and then input to economy as well.

It comes full circle to meet our Financial Social Economy with well planned understanding.

Beyond 90 days Investment:
For the Back office use and Training:
$30.00 per month after 90 Days training. (if you decide not to pursue you can cancel any time. We do not refund the money for the month you have paid. You can continue to take the training.)
Budget is necessary to do any business.
Our suggestion is create a budget for 3 months. 
This is the cost of your education step by step.

90 Days Budget

Want to help us getting there….. any growth needs to be supported as we live in Financial Social Economy. Here is your opportunity to make a difference in your own life by contributing dollar a working day ($1) that is less than a cup of coffee.
Funding AIC’s
We are looking for leaders who want to “Make a Difference in this world”.
Willing to put 10 hours a week in specific duties
The funding AIC will share in 3% of profits of 1st Net Group.
Funding AIC’s will have opportunity to become Founding AIC’s
Funding AIC Investment
1/4 Unit of Investment:$ 250.00
Number of Units available: 500
Founding AIC’s:
Our suggestion is that you look at our Peace Program first
We are looking for leaders who will develop Centres in each and every town in this world.
Here are basic criteria we are looking for.
Founding AIC”s need to be financially stable.
Willing to follow our Peace Program & Practice.
Willing to learn and Teach Peace Program
Have financial capability to develop the Area
Initial investment is required.
Contact us if you are interested.

To sign up for training please click on the link below for 90 days course. Training Launch April 1, 2015

90 Days Training Registration