Invitation to Blessing of Cargill Retreat Centre

AUM Namostute Enlightened Friends,

It has been a very busy time for me as I took on some contract work during Tax Season.
Also our web development and new software has taken a bit longer but it is here now.

The training course will be launched starting July 1, 2015. We have 12 people starting and to test the system out we will give 2 people each day to start the program. This will help us to overcome problems with web functions. If you are interested come down on June 28th 2015 and sign up.

This is a special news letter on 5th Anniversary for 1st Net Group. Click here for the News Letter

During this journey so many have helped, provided input & just supported.

See the photos of our both property as well.


You are invited to our Blessing Ceremony of our Cargill Retreat Centre on Wednesday June 24, 2015. Sunday June 28, 2015
Please grace us with you, your family and friends Presence.
We have the closing of this property on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Originally was planned but the closing got delayed to June 24. Hence we changed it to June 28. My apologies for not updating this info

Place: Cargill Retreat Centre
Address: 201 Cargill Road.Brant Twp, Ontario N0G 1J0
Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Direction: It is between Paisley & Walkerton. Off Bruce Rd 3. You will see Big Shiny Silo’s of Cargill Company. Take the road right opposite it.

Pot Luck

After the ceremony we will have pot luck. Confirm you are coming so we can plan a bit on food. I will put it up on web so you can choose from the list. You can eat whatever you wish after that. No conditions. “Eat what makes you satisfied and happy”.


Bring a mat (yoga mat is good) or a chair to sit on if you cannot sit on the floor.
Please have a vegetarian Diet that day.
If you want to fast it is wonderful. You can drink water.
If you plan to fast but want some sustenance you can have fruits, Juice, Milk, tea and coffee on that day.
If you want you can do total vegetarian diet for 3 days starting on Thursday. Not only it will cleanse your system but it will detoxify your cells.

How to Drink water?

We seem to have formed a habit of sipping water. Based on some ancient writings one should drink water when thirsty. You drink until you feel satisfied. Then stop for a moment or two, take 3 deep breaths and take couple of gulps. This is how it is to be done. I have tried this and I find that my stomach is empty and not constantly filled with water. My Stomach is not working constantly. It also is not producing enzymes and acid constantly. It has a chance to build up its needs so that it produces proper digestive enzymes and acid when I eat and the stomach has had rest as it is suppose to do. I used to feel blotted from time to time when I used to sip water constantly. Not anymore. Some experiment have shown that you will not get dehydrated as long as you listen to your body and drink when you feel thirsty. Hope this helps.

Try it out and let me know if your digestion improves or any comments and I will publish it in the next news letter.

Please send this invitation to your family and friends or bring them along for this experience.
I have met some of them through you and I do not have their emails. I is a blessing for us to come together and share.

Yes, Leni (Marlene) reminded me of my Birthday. It is on June 28. The Blessing of having so much given to our journey is my path and faith and to have this fall on my Birthday is a Blessing. It makes my faith stronger.


Shreeji Arun
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