1 December 2014

AUM Namostute all,

I asked some of you about the 1st News Letter and your feedback. I had a mistake in it but so far no one has mentioned it. I wonder if we really pay attention to the information.

In my Journey, one realization that was clear that we are in information age. We have too much information pushed to us that we have become numb….

What is this numbness?

We do not take time to think about what is being shoved down us. The numbness has reached a point that our awareness is dulled to the point that we just scan the information. We do not pay any attention. What really happens is that your brain retains this information which will be used at some future time. It may help you or harm you.
So take a moment to reflect on what you can do to decrease this input of information so you can increase your awareness.
Follow me on the Google+ hangout each Wednesday to understand what is important to you and how to create that awareness.

On the news front…

I will be speaking in Kincardine, Port Elgin, Walkerton, Hanover & Owen Sound each month. The days and new locations will be announced shortly.

One of the projects I have working on is to have a Retreat Centre. I had several request from some of you asking if there is a possibility to have week-end session. Also I had requests for Team building session from some groups.

I have been looking for a place that would be open to support these activities. I came to a conclusion that I need to find a place of our own. I have been looking at some Real Estate to have a real nice secluded place. I will be announcing once we have made a commitment.

In order to achieve such a location, there have been several suggestions on how to raise funds. Some of them are… find donations, funding partners with return of their funds with interest over 5 years, crowd funding, some private funds and a Mortgage etc. If you would like to participate in this process of raising funds, become one of the Directors and Trustee to manage the funds & the retreat location, please contact me. I am open to suggestion on how to structure this project for the benefit of humanity.

We all are looking to make our ends meet financially. I have developed a program that creates loyalty points.

As you learn and do some of these exercises, you will develop a “Back Yard Economy” that will provide you with cash earning capability as each loyalty point will have a dollar value from the profits we generate. We have created Paying Forward in a very sensible way to encourage the learning. This will be announced on January 1st 2015.

This program teaches internet marketing, doing your own business or adding your hobby to generate money locally as well as internationally, a full centralised shopping cart, shipping warehouse, fixed shipping costs and distribution channels. It is a step by step program that you enroll for.

The program is combination of “The Era of Truth & Service” and “Back Yard Economy”. We plan to offer to a small group to train first so that we can provide resources as we grow.

Finally, I have said; “I do not intend to create a following of large number of people and speaking to them”. I want you to learn from me, find a way to improve our process as a team, test the process again and go out and share in our own “Back Yard”. By practicing the learned knowledge and being an example, we will make a difference in our own back yard. We lead by example.

I look forward to doing this Journey with you all as we start to made a difference in our Back Yard and leave this earth a better place for the future generations

Shreeji Arun