The 1st Net Group Story

Now celebrating fourth year of development through meetings, trials and input from people in all aspect of life, 1st Net Group, based in  Ontario, Canada, is now launched to provide:

  • Human resource

  • Business process

  • Technical Know

  • How to Live Peaceful Life

With people in their late 50’s who have learned through ‘School of Hard Knocks’ in the industry but is now looked upon as assets with very little value. Wealth of Knowledge and Experience can be channeled to train today’s Young Management so that the same challenges are not repeated over and over that is very common in today’s industry.

Founded in 2005, President and Chief Executive Officer Arun Mistry, 1st Net Group remains a privately held Canadian company.

With the economy as is the Arun Mistry says that after Bell Mobility cut his position he had to find solutions of how one would survive no matter what the economic situation is. Hence he developed.

Personal Economic Stimulus Plan for Life

That in today’s situation makes lot of sense.

The concept is based on ‘Home Based Business Model’ and Arun Mistry has truly practiced what he preaches. By Creating environment to run business from home to enhance more family time by decreasing travel, which has benefits to the earth and human race.

Arun Mistry has worked at Technical & Management Levels with Bell Mobility, Rogers, Directly and indirectly involved with Alliant, Telus, and Virgin Mobile. Arun Mistry is technical author of a Patent ‘System, apparatus and method for wireless notification’ at the Canadian Patent Application under reference number: T2003047592-CA; plus International Project for Bell in 80’s and Province of Ontario in early 90’s as consultant.

1st Net Group coordinates these valuable resources. It is developing Associate Membership organization on ‘Knowledge Based Small Businesses’ started by this experienced group of people.

Since inception, 1st Net Group has been providing services to small and start-up companies. Arun has developed a concept of generating residual income for Associate Members by:

Providing Training in ‘How to Run Business from Home’ by:

  • Using ‘Virtual Office’ for Meetings
  • ‘How to run Webinar’
  • Using presently ‘Budgeted Expenses’ to generate ‘Residual Income for Life’
  • Loyalty program 1st Net Reward shopping on line with cash back of 3% to 6%,
  • Alarm System Company – Nu-Trend International,
  • VoIP server trials to launch VoIP to Associate Members.
  • Real Estate Services through 1st Net Realty Program
  • 1st Net Classified which for Associate Members Only
  • Back office that manages Associate Commissions, Shopping Cart
  • Based on Using Multilevel Marketing Software to manage accounting
How to Live Life

Arun has been also searching for the Universal Truth and been studying scriptures, listening to enlightened people who have spent their life in learning about the Law of Nature thorough scriptures, philosophy, literature etc.

Now he has started weekly classes on ‘How to Live Life’. The aim is to get different subject like ‘Dynamic of Mind’, 3 ‘C’ of Success, How to give or do charity. This is part of the 1st Net Group’s training and is included at no cost to Associate Members.

Arun says, ‘Fast Forward to The Past’ with present technology and create new order for managing finances and living a peaceful life. I would like to find leaders in each and every country to help me make a difference.