1st Net Group Concept is based on two Principles

Cooperative Endeavors

1st Net Group idea has been developing since 1999 and several different launches over this period, a fulltime focus was given to it in 2010 to make a difference in the world in terms of personal economics through Cooperative Endeavor through two methods.

1st Net Group is consistently seeking out “Companies” that will consent to our participation at a high level within their organizations, to increase value and growth through collaboration, and partnership.

We are seeking Affiliated Consultants who will consent to participation at a high level within 1st Net Group to increase value and growth through Collaboration and Partnership.

Personal Growth Teaches

In today’s terms, we are not taught How to Live Life in terms of personal relationship with the earth and each other. 1st Net Group has developed a course to transition each person with personal growth to positive thinking, attitude and personal financial management. One principle is clear that the Universal Law remains constant. Sun, Planets around it does not miss a bit. The earth does not miss a bit. The seasons come and go and the programmed status does not change. 1st Net Group brings awareness to this Universal Law.

Shreeji Arun has been blessed with a New Vision and has been moving towards his calling. It Started Xmas of 2007. When Arun’s personal awareness and teaching from the Universe started and the learning continues to this day from different places and people. Go the 1st Net Peace page and read about “THE ERA OF TRUTH & SERVICE” It is little steps that is going to give you personal growth, peace and Making “This World A Better Place“. This decade is going to bring the change and will continue for our future Generations.

Since then, the Concept of “THE BACK YARD ECONOMY” has been born and is being implemented in Grey/Bruce county in Ontario. Trials are running with concepts that each family can have a food Plate that will provide their daily nutrition needs.

In order to teach hands on, it is our target to start “RETREAT CENTRE” in 2014 – 2015. People can come down and learn techniques in developing Back Yard Economy, Learn & implement simple habits that will enhance their health. Arun Mistry has been interacting with Bruce Botanical Food Garden in Riply, Ontario that is showcasing the Food that can be grown in your backyard. Learning from this project is being used for developing one aspect of Back Yard Economy.

It is simple, can be interfaced with daily life. Arun Mistry says “FAST FORWARD TO THE PAST”. Use todays technology and past living practices to enrich & enhance our life.

Let us work together to ensure that each every humanbeing has full stomach with notrishing food before they go to sleep.